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If you are wondering what polyurethane foam is, you have come to the right place. You may not know it, but it is a material that is found in a wide variety of products and industrial applications that we see on a daily basis.

It is used in mattresses, sofas, footwear, prosthetics, paintings and a long etcetera, although it is used in most cases, due to its ease of application, for filling and sealing gaps, installing doors and windows and in general terms as thermal insulation and acoustic.

Types of spray polyurethane foam cans

Polyurethane spray is a product widely used for DIY repairs and crafts, not only in the professional sector, but also in the particular sector that we are going to focus on. If you have never bought a bottle, you should know that there are two ways to apply or types of spray polyurethane foam :

  • Cannula cans : together with the cannula comes a plastic tube through which the expanding foam is applied in a simple way. It is the right product for people who want to do a punctual repair without much complication and expense.

    If you do not consume the bottle and want to use it later, you must clean the cannula with acetone just after finishing the work.

  • Pistol bottles : it is the same as the previous one but without a cannula, you have to buy a separate pistol for use. If you use polyurethane regularly or want to work like a pro, it is the perfect option.

    This system is more comfortable, allows you to regulate the quantity and reach difficult places.

    For its maintenance, you have to buy an acetone cleaning spray and use it after work, of course, as long as you are not going to use the gun for a long period of time, otherwise it is best to leave the polyurethane foam can installed .

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