Precautions for the construction of polyurethane foam insulation materials: What to expect when you are installing

Jun 29, 2021 Foamers Guide

1. Foam polyurethane insulation board material has the characteristics of insulation and energy-saving and is widely used in many construction fields. Traditional insulation materials such as glass fiber are sprayed with foam, and their performance in thermal insulation performance is also relatively superior. The polyurethane foam insulation material will show different properties in different situations.

For example, polyurethane molecules will slowly expand when exposed to heat, and phenolic spray can shrink by curing. Polyurethane foam insulation material can be sprayed in places that are difficult to reach, such as between walls with a sandwich panel structure. Therefore, workers can use a special spray gun to spray foam between the walls or in the drill holes to expand the foam to achieve a sealing effect.

2. Polyurethane foam insulation materials are more expensive than other types of insulation materials, which makes the cost even higher. The placement of polyurethane foam insulation materials also needs to be considered. It cannot be placed in direct sunlight or exposed to high-temperature environments. Most polyurethane foam insulation materials cannot be exposed to high and intense temperatures for a long time. Installing polyurethane foam insulation in an exposed environment will cause the insulation to emit harmful chemicals.

3. In the case of dismantling or modification, the polyurethane foam insulation material can also cause the diffusion of harmful gases. Many foams are toxic. If the building is demolished using explosives or other destructive measures, these harmful substances will spread into the air and cause discomfort to workers and residents nearby. If the building is located in a nearby water supply area, then The severity of the problem will increase greatly. Therefore, the polyurethane foam insulation material needs to be removed at a low temperature to ensure maximum safety.

My country is one of the fastest-growing countries in the construction industry in the world, and it is also the country with the most demand for thermal insulation materials in the world. The prerequisite of energy-saving buildings is safety. Therefore, only when heat-insulating materials that eliminate combustible hazards are used on the building walls can major fire accidents be prevented from the source. Polyurethane foam insulation materials are widely used as wall insulation materials, but they must also prevent fires.

Examples of accidents

The “11·15” fire accident in Shanghai has claimed 53 lives. Although the accident was caused by illegal operations by unlicensed electric welders, it has been found that the real behind-the-scenes killers are these nylon nets, Moso bamboo sheets, and polyurethane foam.

Regarding polyurethane foam, whether it is an indispensable building decoration material in the world, it must be clear to the relevant departments. Some domestic architectural decoration companies value its advantages. For example, compared with similar products, the decoration effect is better, with strong adhesion, shock and compression resistance, ultra-low temperature thermal conductivity, sound insulation, etc., so it is widely used in architectural decoration. use. Precisely because of this advantage, compared with several dead fires, it will naturally not have too much impact on the entire architectural decoration market.

The control of polyurethane foam still stays in densely populated public places. Many places have also issued relevant regulations. Shenzhen has issued the “Announcement on Prohibiting the Use of Polyurethane Foam Materials for Decoration and Decoration in Public Places”, and implemented inspections and rectifications in public places. As for the use of polyurethane foam on the façade of the building, it seems that it has not aroused the vigilance of relevant departments. Judging from the “11·15” fire case in Shanghai, it is obvious that controlling the use of polyurethane foam cannot only stay in crowded entertainment venues, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other public places. All areas including interior decoration also need to be controlled, and it is necessary to stipulate or take compulsory measures.

Construction Material

In response to the “11·15” major fire in Shanghai, relevant experts called for regulations to be promulgated on a larger level as soon as possible. For example, scaffolding on construction sites must be built with non-flammable and non-combustible materials, and polyurethane foam must be used for external wall insulation and interior decoration. Replace with non-flammable substances. This is related to the interests of the entire building decoration materials industry. Moreover, under the current vigorous urbanization construction and strong market demand, it will inevitably affect the whole body, and there must be a fierce game. In this context, it seems quite difficult to stop polyurethane foam.

Not only polyurethane foam but also domestic building decoration materials can be described as dazzling. Therefore, based on respect for human life, it is indeed necessary for the relevant departments to sort out building decoration materials or publish them authoritatively so that the public can clarify which ones are poisonous or even highly toxic and which ones are safer in the event of a fire. Let the public make a rational choice, which is also a precautionary measure.

Fire prevention is a systematic project. Complete fire prevention facilities, people’s awareness of fire prevention, and rapid emergency rescue mechanisms can minimize the occurrence of fires or reduce the hazards, but to the greatest extent control or stop the use of such as fatal polyurethane. Highly toxic materials such as foam must also be included in the scope of fire protection system engineering. Similarly, how to prevent fire in buildings and how to facilitate rescue when a fire occurs needs to be considered from a scientific point of view, that is, to plug loopholes from the source and reduce the occurrence of tragedies.

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