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DIY spray foam insulation

This article discusses how to do DIY spray foam insulation, how to use it in your house to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. I’ve also got two other awesome tips for you, so let’s get to it. 

Follow these directions.

Make sure you shake that can for 30 to 60 seconds. What’s cool about Great Stuff is it’s good for one-off applications, and you only need to fill the voids by <50%. If you get any uncured Great Stuff on you, you can use acetone to get it off, and you can use a utility knife to trim any of the cured Great Stuff that’s in your space. Now you can save about 20% on your heating and cooling cost by using this.

This is the Big Gap Filler, and you can use this for gaps that are >1”.

Now there is also a Window & Door Great Stuff. This is great for, you guessed it, windows and doors, especially around doorways whereby you’ve got the jam and you’ve got a space in between the jam and the framing. So again, follow the directions because this can say to shake it for 60 seconds; the original Great Stuff says to shake it for 30. There’s also a Pestblock Great Stuff, and this is pretty wonderful if you need to insulate and also prevent pests like ants and spiders and stuff from coming inside your house. But again, make sure that you read the directions well.

And the cool thing is there’s no pesticide in it. And it’s super important to wear gloves when you’re using Great Stuff because this stuff gets super tacky and sticky.

And trust me, you don’t want it on your skin at all. And you also want to wear eye protection. You don’t want Great Stuff in your eyes.

So shake the can really well as I said before – 30 to 60 seconds – and the twist no the extension tube. But be careful. You’re going to twist it on clockwise. Not too tight because you will break it. I’ve done this before, and it’s a real pain because you have to buy a whole new can.

So I’m going to be insulating the door between the door and the framing. As you can see here, there’s a gap. And what you want to do is press on that tube till the spray foam insulation comes out. Again, you only want to fill it to the point whereby the void is about half-filled.

spray foam insulation

It’s kind of hard to do with small spaces, so don’t beat yourself up for this.

You also want a rag to wipe off any excess Great Stuff. Great Stuff is also really awesome for around big pipes or small pipes – really good for filling those gaps. Once the Great Stuff is cured, use a utility knife to trim off any excess. So what you’ll do is you’ll score it on all sides, and then you just peel it off.

It’s really easy to work with spray foam insulation.

So another really great place to insulate your house is in the rim joist. You can either buy Roxul or Johns Manville. Those are two really great brands that I like because Roxul, you can cut to size, very simple, easy to do; and Johns Manville is great because it’s formaldehyde-free. So pick one of those two spray foam insulation, and fill in the rim joist. Here’s the Johns Manville Multi-Purpose Roll that I was using for the rim joist.

This is only 2” thick x 16” wide x 48” long. You also want to use a respirator no matter what spray foam insulation you’re going to be using along with protective eyewear. So the rim joists are, again, up above your basement wall. And you just want to fill in space with spray foam insulation. I would’ve preferred Roxul, actually, for this, but this Johns Manville insulation worked out pretty well.

A third really good way to insulate your house is to insulate around the outlets and switches, especially outlets or switches that are on exterior walls.

And you can use these electric outlet sealers by Frost King. They are super affordable, easy to install, and they’ll stop those drafts coming in through your outlets or switches. Remove the outlet cover by turning the screw counter-clockwise. Feel for a draft, and then place the spray foam insulation over the outlet or the switch.

You’ll have to poke a hole in the center, though, for the screw for the cover plate. So again, just put that foam over the outlet. Make sure that you try and cover it the best that you can. And here’s what it looks like. And all you have to do is put the cover back on, and you’re done.

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